July 28th is my Birthday !

July 28th is my Birthday !

Yes, I am a LEO and I absolutely love being spoiled because BIRTHDAY BIRTHDAY !!!!

I have been a Mistress for over two decades now and I truly believe I have had an extraordinary life that has been an adventure and I have lived out so many fantasies. So many dreams have come true and my life is and has been amazing so it is time to celebrate just being extraordinary and to celebrate being uniquely ME !

So if you would like to do something special for me and celebrate the Mistress, I certainly love being showered with gifts 😉

My amazon wish list is the best way to get me something I will LOVE or you can get me an amazon gift card. If you would like to pay tribute I also accept VENMO

#birthday #mistressbirthday @simonekross #amazon #presents #celebrate #vampire #ageless #love #mistress #dominatrix #birthday


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