Dominatrix, Temptress, Seductress…  


I am incredibly versatile in my style of play and I have a seductive, erotic, sensual approach and can ramp it up or intensity the mood and even push your limits. I can be light and playful and in an instant be more intense or severe. I can play on all levels and I am very passionate about BDSM.

Seducing you, tying you, teasing you, tormenting you. You will succumb to my will because you want to, you desire to, it is a need that is deep within you.

Romantic isn’t it ?

Desire, longing to suffer or to serve……….

Demanding with the ability to be so incredibly cruel.

Perhaps you truly fear what you desire, as you should but your fantasy is real.

I am the embodiment evil, the definition of sweet and sinister.

A beautiful, smart, sexy woman.