AVAILABLE for VIRTUAL DOMINATION – VIDEO CALLS on sextpanther or Loyalfans, SKYPE by PHONE or NiteFlirt                                                 

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3-D LIVE Sessions – I am only available when I am on tour as a Visiting Mistress OR if you know me already and would like to book an ALL-DAY SESSION or WEEKEND INTENSIVE  

Instructions for successfully booking a live session must be followed in every detail. 

Be sincere and genuine in your approach and you are likely to get a reply.

I prefer all arrangements be made through email 

Your first impression is important

Step 1.

email – Send a polite, respectful well stated letter that includes your specific interests in BDSM and the activities you enjoy include your phone number or the best way to contact you as well as your preferred day, time and the duration of the reservation or session.

email: mistresssimonekross@GMAIL.COM

*Reservations can be made only after we have had correspondence. 

Step 2.

Wait for my reply and further instructions.

Step 3.

I require a deposit via CASHapp to hold the session reservation.

CASHapp is owned by square and can be downloaded to your phone. It is a very discreet way to make a deposit and all you need is my phone # or search $imoneKross

The deposit pays for the dungeon room rental and holds our time slot at the dungeon.

Many other women share the dungeon so understand that we must have a deposit to make the reservation to secure the our appointment and play time.

90min sessions are the minimum. I do not offer 30min sessions.

Should you wish to intrigue me and or serve me we should share common interests and you should be able to articulate and communicate what your needs are as a submissive, bottom or masochist. BDSM is about clear communication, negations and consent.

Step 4.

*Once you have made the deposit. I will give you further instructions via text, confirmation times and the location of the dungeon.

Please Note* I have very strict protocol and you must be willing to follow my instructions in every detail. I will not respond to one word or one sentence emails or texts like hi or hey and I will only respond if I am interested.

I do not play with novices.

I may require a reference from another Mistress per my request.


I will provide you with my rates once I accept your letter of application.


I do not like to nor will I haggle or discuss my fees. You are paying for my time and energy, my level of experience and  my special attention given to you. I do not offer discounts. I am not a “new” Mistress charging you exorbitant rates,          I have 26 years experience and I have a high level of skill sets with an outstanding reputation. I definitely enjoy specialty sessions, extensive or involved fantasies and sensual sessions as well.

I am only available for VIDEO CALLS, webCAM or text and phone sessions at this time unless you are booking a WEEKEND INTENSIVE or an ALL-DAY or OVERNIGHT session.


OR schedule a VIDEO CALL email or to book an appointment message me on Loyalfans unless you see me on-line.

*LIVE 3-D SESSIONS in my private studio is ONLY for slaves I know personally. Otherwise, you can only see me live and in person if I am visiting your city or town when I am on tour. Follow me on twitter for tour announcements.




I require a 50% deposit to hold the session reservation.

Deposits can be made discreetly by downloading the CASHapp on your phone $imoneKross

If you would like to schedule an appointment you must make a deposit. NO deposit, NO appointment. The deposit is non refundable should you cancel or no show. The deposit is not applied to the session tribute it is required to hold your appointment and pays the dungeon rental fees and shows that you are true to your word.

*Deposits CASHapp is the most discreet way to pay the deposit. If you cannot or will not make a deposit I absolutely will NOT book a session with you.


Confirmation the day before via text message and by phone the morning of a pre-booked session is required. Failure to comply will result in a cancellation and you will be blacklisted. 

Tardiness may be forgiven only if Mistress is informed before the appointment time starts. You may be punished financially for being early or late. Late fees are charged by the minute so I advise you to be on time. Arrive 5min before your appointment time at the designated location and text upon arrival. 

You may bring a gift of flowers or something the Mistress may enjoy to show your respect and gratitude for her time and graciousness. It is customary to bestow your Mistress with a gift prior to session although it is not required it is certainly appreciated.

Visting Mistress

I am also a touring/traveling Mistress, should you wish to schedule a session check my tour schedule first before contacting me. If you see that I am visiting your city and would like to set up a session follow these instructions.

Please send a polite, respectful well stated letter that includes your specific interests and the activities you enjoy, your phone number, the city you are in, as well as your preferred day, time and the duration of the reservation or play time.            2 hour minimum or extended sessions only.

*HEALTH & SAFETY –  You must provide a negative Covid-test and provide proof of vaccination. 

Exclusive Travel Engagements  

Should you wish to make exclusive travel arrangements with me send me a request.

I will need to know the dates you have in mind and how many days you wish to book.

All expenses paid trips are paid by you and I will require a 50% deposit, a plane ticket (in my name), hotel accommodations and all meals, incidentals and ground transportation will be paid for by you plus my overnight tribute per night.

Mistress Simone Kross will only travel once the following requirements are met.

*Quality Hotel reservation in Mistress’s name.

*All commercial flights over 3 hours will be in first class to guarantee the Mistress’s comfort and happiness.                          A commercial flight must be prepaid.

A 50% deposit must be made before reservation is accepted and is non-refundable.

*Please Note* I am a Professional Dominatrix, NOT an escort and I do NOT offer GFE, prostitution of any kind or any illegal activities or services. Do not embarrass yourself by asking. Strictly BDSM sessions only.