Yes, Mistress


I will treat you with respect and I will worship and obey your every command. On my knees I promise to do everything within my power to make your wishes and dreams come true.

If you see that I am on Niteflirt Click the call button to talk or text with me.

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My birthday is July 28th it is coming up soon… & I absolutely love presents !

Should you wish to send a gift here is the link to my amazon wish list

I especially like red long stem roses and Juicy Couture Perfume.

If you really want to get in my good graces I would really like a Marshall half stack amp and head or a Fender amplifier.

Amazon gift cards are also fabulous !

I absolutely like to be treated to pedicures and manicures at the Nail Salon and spa treatments like facials and massage therapy or reiki.

email me for more info on how to present me with gifts, donations or tributes.