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*LIVE 3-D SESSIONS in my private studio is ONLY for slaves I know personally. Otherwise, you can only see me live and in person if I am visiting your city or town when I am on tour. Follow me on twitter for tour announcements.



Visit my contact page for specific information and instructions on how to schedule a session or a video call.

3-D Sessions – You must follow my protocol and instructions to successfully book a session with me. It is really very easy and simple, just review the contact page for specific instructions.

My Style & Skillsets

I am genuine in my approach and my applications. I provide a wide array of intense, professional precision tactics for the serious submissive who is genuine in pursuing the optimum experience. I expect a submissive to be able to honestly express and articulate what their personal needs and expectations are. I feel that communication and proper negotiations are the foundation for honest relationships that prove to be beneficial for the “Mistress/slave” dynamic.

My range of play is extensive, my dominant style is versatile, intuitive, seductive and erotic in nature combining both sensual and sadistic applications and administrations. I specialize in the psychological fundamentals that pertain to specific contextual composition that feeds the mental and physical.

I can be a strict, domineering, condescending or severe as well as a compassionate, caring, and playful Mistress who is in control. I can play at any level depending upon the experience and limits of the submissive. I have a sincere passion for all aspects of bondage, discipline and sadomasochism as my philosophies are very firmly based in the concepts of power exchange.

My specific interests include the following and these activities are in no particular order. If there is something you do not see on this list then ask me about your specific interest as I enjoy most every kind of activity related to BDSM and or particular fetish games. (23+years experience)

My specific interests include:

Activities related to Bondage Discipline & Sadomasochism

If you do not see your activity for fetish listed here please email to ask…
Rope Bondage (love it)
Predicament Bondage
Steel Bondage and Padlocks
Spreader Bars
Inescapable Bondage (including vulnerable positioning)
Leather Bondage (limited)
Corporal Discipline (flogging, caning, paddling, single tail whips etc.)
Servitude of all kinds
Spanking Spanking Spanking
Puppy training
Pony or Equestrian Training
Bare Foot Worship
Shoe, Heels, and Boot Worship
Physical and Forceful Domination
Psychological Play
Psychodrama and Creative Role Play of all kinds (Mother, Babysitter, employer or employee, nurse/doctor, interrogation, etc.)
Slave Training
Humiliation ~ Verbal (light to extreme)
Using you as Furniture
Traditional and Domestic Scenes
Tease and Denial
Medical Scenes (limited)
Nipple Torture
Forced Feedings
Food Mortification
Dildo Worship
Tease and Denial
Cross Dressing (no full transformations)
Sensory Deprivation and Overload
Hair Pulling
Ball Kicking and Busting
Human punching bag (boxing gloves or bare fisted)
Most Fetish Scenes
Water Torture
Medical Scenes
Piercing (temporary)
Electrical Play
Adult Baby Play
Age Play
Hot wax
Fire and Ice

My hard Limits ~

I do not offer red showers or brown showers ~ Don’t ask.
Nothing illegal and nothing dangerous.
I do not engage in any activities that include children or animals.
I am an advocate of SAFE & SANE & CONSENSUAL PLAY.

*Please Note* I am a Professional Dominatrix. I am not an escort and I do not offer GFE, prostitution of any kind or any illegal activities or services. Absolutely NO sexual services.
Strictly BDSM sessions only.